Kierkegaard in Process Volume 2 (1), 2017

Click here to download: Kierkegaard in Process Volume 2 (1), 2017

  • Bianchino, G. – ‘Canonizing Kierkegaard: Towards a Systematic Reading of the Authorship’
  • Bonde, L. – ‘Tracing Etymological Roots: Kierkegaard’s Analogy of Loving as Cultivating Plants’
  • Suitt, C. – ‘Do Not Ask My Opinion: Climacus, Pseudonymity, and the Reason that Reconciles with Faith’
  • Klassen, T. – ‘Silence in Continental Thought & Literature’
  • Wilde, L. – ‘Faith is a Marvel: The Concept of Faith in Søren Kierkegaard and Lars von Trier’
  • Brunner, M. M. – ‘Regarding the Finite: On Bad Infinity in Fear and Trembling and Negative Dialectics’
  • Agostinho, M. D. – ‘The Neighbor as a Designation of the Will in Works of Love’
  • Platon-Rødsgaard, M. – ‘Vœlge det at Ville – Wilhelms Valg Belyst med Fichte’